It’s All About Trust

Let’s be honest about this: when you install an iPhone spy app (such as Flexispy or Mobile Spy) on someone’s phone, you are doing so because you have a problem with trust.

What this means is that you think the person is behaving in a different way to how they say they have been behaving.

This person could be a husband/wife or a girlfriend/boyfriend; a son or daughter; an employee or business partner – or even a close friend.

You have probably chosen not to say anything to the person, and have decided instead that a better approach is not to be confrontational, but instead to try to find out the truth yourself. The problem is that in a situation like this, whatever the person is doing, they have decided they do not want you to know – for whatever reason. Imagine the following scenarios:

Perhaps your child has a boyfriend/girlfriend, and thinks that you will ‘go crazy’ if you knew – so they hide it from you. In the meantime you start worrying about why they do not seem themselves – could it be drugs? Could someone be taking advantage of them and they are ashamed to pass the information on? In your mind it could be anything!

Perhaps your spouse is having a personal financial difficulty, and is worried that you will be angry – so they hide it from you, and before long you start noticing a difference in their behaviour, and you start imagining all sorts of things. Your mind starts to manufacture clandestine meetings with strangers, and before long you already fear the worst – when in fact, if they just talked to you about it, the problem could be made to go away relatively quickly.
You could have a business partner who travels a lot, and you are starting to wonder what exactly they are getting up to. In these uncertain times, almost all businesses are suffering some kind of difficulties, and it’s easy to start wondering if your partners are doing what is necessary to keep on top of things, or are simply sticking their head in the sand and not paying attention to the business.

An extreme example could be an employee whom you simply do not trust any more – and you would like to know what they are up to!

All these scenarios are very possible, and could all be solved completely without confronting anybody and with significantly less pain and anguish (for everyone), if only you knew the truth about what is happening!

And then there are the nightmare scenarios – we don’t like to think about them, but we still need to know. What do you do if your husband/wife is cheating on you? If your son or daughter is doing drugs, or in a gang, or out stealing cars at night? What to do if that employee is stealing company resources, or dealing with a competitor? If that business partner is robbing you blind?

Although we do not want to think about the possibility of these things happening, we sure need to know, if they are! And the sooner you know, the sooner you can do something about it. Talk to your husband/wife, sort things out with your son/daughter, fire that employee if necessary – and maybe confront that business partner, and try to save the business.

Only by knowing the truth can you save your marriage, rebuild your family, and save your business.

And the really scary thing is that you can have the truth today! For very little cost – prices start at just less than 25¢ per day!

To be sure that you get the right version that suits your needs, checkout this article about the features of the different versions of available software.

Mobile Spy costs $99.97 for a full year. Six months cost $69.97, and three months cost $49.97. See here for more details.

Flexispy (basic version) costs $89 for a full year, $59 for six months and $39 for three months. See here for more details.

The more fully-featured versions of Flexispy for the iPhone have some amazing features, and price tags to match – check them out here.

So basically it is all about trust – without trust comes doubt, and then fear. When we are afraid, we react unpredictably, and do not think things through. So make sure you arm yourself with the facts. It costs a lot less than you think!