Do iPhone spy apps work?

You might be surprised how often people ask these two questions:

1. Does Mobile Spy work?
2. Does Flexispy work?

We have seen this question asked again and again just in the last week!

So first of all, I will answer the question: do these apps work at all? The answer is (as you probably already guessed) YES, they both work extremely well.

Both products offer you the truth for as little as under 0.25¢ per day!

On these pages we have addressed the features of these two applications, and how much they cost to purchase (buy now and try for yourself!). But the fact that several people ask the above two questions seems to mean that there is some doubt over whether they work at all. And then there is the question of whether they work for you. What do you want from an iPhone spy app?

If you compare Mobile Spy with Flexispy’s Basic version there is little to differentiate the two – the only differences are:

1. Mobile Spy tracks URLs visited in Safari

2. Flexispy Basic reads the iPhone’s contact list, and shows both the logged number, and the name from the phone’s contact list for that number.

3. Flexispy Basic costs a little less than Mobile Spy – each version costs $10.97 less (see prices on our buy now page).

4. Also, if you purchase Flexispy for a full year, there is a 10-day no-quibble money-back guarantee.
So if you know that you need an iPhone spy app, all you need to do is look at those differences and work out which features are more important to you!

Both of the applications work extremely well, and have a full set of powerful features.

So there is no need to worry! Go here and treat yourself to some peace of mind!