Alternatives to an iPhone spy app

If you are here, you are interested in running a spy app on an iPhone. There are many reasons why you might be considering this, but basically it boils down to one thing:

  • There is something in your life that you are not sure about, and you want to know the truth.

Well, an iPhone spy app is an extremely effective method of doing that, and we have already posted many reasons why you should consider this.

But lets think about this for a moment. What are the alternatives?

Finding the truth

Lets say you want to know the truth about your life, and the people around you. How can you find out?


You need to know what someone else is doing, and they are trying to keep it from you. The first thing that will pop into your head is: why don’t I follow them? Well, in order to do this, there is a lot of patience involved, and in most cases the ‘evidence’ you gather will be circumstantial at best. At worst you get nothing, and the person you are following discovers that you are following them and before you know it you have a full-scale problem on your hands. Regardless of what was going on behind your back, you are now clearly the person in the wrong.

Even by following someone, chances are you will have to wait a long long time (perhaps weeks) before you see something that is incriminating enough to confront the person with.

The advantage of doing your own surveillance is that the cost is minimal. You pay for fuel and food, and sit waiting. You don’t need to tell someone else about your problems or your suspicions.

Private Investigator

Of course, you don’t have to do the surveillance yourself – you can hire a private investigator to do the legwork, and the waiting. Given enough time and funds, you will get a report telling you the things you need to know.

However, this is at the other end of the cost scale. You are paying for the time of a professional who knows how to do surveillance properly, and who will get the results much quicker than if you are doing it yourself. The cost however, is high.

Also, you need to explain to someone else what it is you are worried about, as well as give them personal details about yourself and the subject of your worries/fears.

iPhone Spy App

Well we had to include this as an option, so we can compare against the other two options. By purchasing an app that takes a few minutes to install, you can see who is calling and being called, as well as reading text messages and emails. For an extra outlay you can listen in on the iPhone’s surroundings, and by paying a little more still you can actually get a notification when a call starts and can listen in live as it happens.

What’s more there is no other person involved, so you don’t need to explain anything to anyone.

Comparison of the available methods


Low: Nothing beats doing it yourself – it’s cheap and nobody needs to know about your own personal business. But how effective is it? It might take a long time to get results, and there is always the risk of being spotted.

Medium: An iPhone spy app ranges from very cheap to medium, as far as cost is concerned.

High: Lets face it – paying a professional to do a job that could run into days of surveillance is going to cost. The exact numbers will depend on how long it takes and what kind of evidence you will require – but a few hours would have eaten away the cost of the most expensive spy app.


Low: Doing your own surveillance is a lot of work! There are also the risks of being caught while doing it.

Medium: Hiring a private investigator is going to take your time, as well as gathering the information they will need in order to do their job effectively. However, it’s much more convenient than doing the legwork yourself.

High: The iPhone spy app wins hands down on this one. You install the app in less than half an hour, and that’s your work done. After that, you wait for the information to come to you.


Low: Asking a private investigator to dig through your life is not very private – and it’s not very private for the person you are following.

High: Either of the other two methods only involve the person you are following, and yourself. So do-it-yourself surveillance and the iPhone spy app are both equally private.


We started out here trying to find out an alternative to an iPhone spy app, if you want to find the truth in your life. And after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, the most cost-effective, convenient and private way of doing that is to buy an iPhone spy app.

So after considering this, take a look at exactly how good value an iPhone spy app represents for your money, and find out the truth TODAY. An iPhone spy app is genuinely excellent value for money.

Please see our other posts to choose the right app for you – but believe me when I say that buying an iPhone spy app will put your mind at rest immediately! Know the truth straight away, and turn your life around. Be in charge of your own future.